Architectural Design

Building a new home or extending and improving your existing home can bring enormous benefits to your life style and potentially increase the value of your home.

At the start of your project we will meet to discuss in detail your requirements and aspirations. This information you provide is called ‘The Brief’. Time spent at this initial stage is invaluable as a design is only as good as the brief. There are many possible design solutions for each project and a detailed brief will enable us to identify the most appropriate for your needs.

MOL Engineers will analyse your brief requirements and present initial design proposals. To develop an initial design, we will draw up a measured and site survey and make an appraisal of your house or site and its architectural possibilities. The design may still change at this stage and we can provide you with a number of alternative proposals in form of drawings and sketch designs.

Having translated your brief into a design, we will develop the initial proposal into a more developed design. At the developed design stage, we will need to finalise the layout of spaces, the materials for construction and incorporate the work of any specialist consultants. You will also need to decide on the optimum renewable energy sources, their impact on the design and future management of the building and if you wish to exceed regulatory requirements. We will present the developed design to you and discuss its implications, for example on timescale and project cost. If planning permission is required for the project, we will prepare the drawings and make the application on your behalf.

MOL Engineers have experience in all areas of design for both domestic and commercial projects. We can also prepare construction drawings, tenders, supervise construction and provide certification on completion of the works.