Boundary Inspection Report

When purchasing a property it is important to know that the boundaries you see on the ground are the same as described on the sale map.

MOL Engineers can provide a detailed report on the accuracy of site boundaries for any type of property, this report can form part of Pre-Purchase Survey report or it can be a stand alone report depending on the circumstances of the property purchase or wishes of the client. We will check for you that the sale map which forms part of the contract corresponds with the boundaries of the property on the ground. We will prepare for you a report and drawing(s) which will show the boundaries on the ground superimposed onto the sale map and we will identify an variations and their implications for you as the purchaser.

In many cases there may be some form of discrepancy, it is often the case that the first the vendors realise that there is an issue is after the purchaser’s surveyor has checked the boundaries. It is important to get any issues resolved before the sale is completed.

We can also check that all site features such as the site entrance, wastewater treatment system, well, driveway etc. are contained within the site boundaries and identify whether a Right of Way or Wayleave is required.

We can also accurately measure and certify the area of land for sale or any easments on behalf of a vendor and sign a Declaration of Identity to that effect for your solicitors.