Construction Drawing & Tendering of Works

Prior to commencing construction, MOL Engineers will produce full construction drawings, including site works and specification finishes. A technical and quality specification also forms part of the detailed design to ensure that the project requirements are clearly formulated for the contractor. The detailed design will incorporate any changes as required under a Grant of Planning Permission. MOL Engineers will also liaise closely with specialist consultants, such as the structural engineer, to incorporate their designs contributions. When the design has been suficiently developed a check on Building Regulation compliance will be carried out and any necessary modifications incorporated.

MOL Engineers will prepare Forms of Tender for main and specialist contractors. It is advisable to have at least three contractors submit costings (tenders) for a project. As each contractor will base their costing on the same information, tenders can be compared and analysed and the best price found.

MOL Engineers will use their expertise to help you evaluate the tenders received. MOL Engineers will also advise on the most appropriate Form of Building Contract for your project as well as on insurance during construction.