Extension of Time Planning Applications

Nearly all planning permissions are granted for a period of 5 no. years, unless specifically otherwise stated. You are technically required to have the development permitted under the planning permission complete within the 5-year period. If the permitted development is not complete or has not begun within the 5 years or otherwise stated period, then you may apply for an extension of duration of that permission.

The facility for an extension of duration of permission is provided for under Section 42 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 as amended by Section 28 of the P&D (Amendment) Act, 2010. In order for your application for an extension of time to be favourably considered where it has not begun the following criteria must be met:

(i) The underlying land use zoning and objectives for the site and area remain as they were at the time of granting of permission such that the continuation of the permission will not now be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

(ii)That the development granted permission will not be contrary to any Planning Guidelines (national Guidelines issued by DoECLG).

The local authority has the power to extend the period for less than the standard 5 no. years. The local authority can add or modify conditions of permission as they see fit.