Planning Compliance Report

Planning compliance relating to a property is generally referring to whether or not the conditions (including the approved design drawings listed in the conditions) attached to the planning permission or permissions have been complied with. These conditions are attached to permissions to ensure that the development is constructed and completed in line with the permitted development. If the conditions attached to a planning permission are not complied with the development itself is considered unauthorised and the owner of the development is susceptible to enforcement actions on behalf of the Council.

To check whether the conditions attached to a planning permission have been complied with it is necessary to find out what planning permission(s) relate to the property, inspect the planning file(s) and compare the development to the planning permission(s). These planning files contain all the information accumulated by the Council in relation to that file including; submissions, receipts, application documents and drawings. When a submission has been made to comply with a condition the Council will produce a receipt for that submission, and will then issue a statement on whether the condition has been complied with or not.

MOL Engineers provide a detailed report on the planning compliance of any type of property, this report can form part of Pre-Purchase Survey report or it can be a stand alone report depending on the circumstances of the property purchase or wishes of the client. When preparing our report we will first check the Council planning application maps to determine what planning permissions relate to the property. We will order the planning files and inspect them in the offices of the Council. With all the relevant information to hand we will inspect the property and compare its construction against the information provided by the Council. Our Planning Compliance Report will detail the planning history of the property, identify any unauthorised development, any development exempt from planning regulations and provide recommendations depending on our findings. We will also include an appendix to our report which will include the planning conditions, drawings, planning maps and any other relevant information. We will also check the with the Council to see if there are any proposed developments close to the property and advise you of their nature.