Retention Planning Applications

Generally speaking any work needing permission but where there is no planning permission in place or where planning permission was granted but was not carried out in accordance with the plans lodged or conditions of the planning permission granted is classed as unauthorised developments. If you wish to regularise unauthorised development a retention planning application will need to be lodged with the local authority.

If you are selling a property and you have carried out unauthorised development it will make it difficult to sell. Typical examples of unauthorised development relating to dwelling houses include construction of an extension to the side of a house, converting an attic space or construction of a garage with a floor area greater than permitted by the Exempted Development Regulations.

At MOL Engineers we have a vast experience of making Retention Planning Applications and we are very experienced in securing retention permission for all manner of unauthorised developments. Lodging a retention application is no different from lodging a planning application except in name and involves the same process.

If you have carried out unauthorised development or you are unsure if works you have carried can be classed as Exempted Development from Planning Permission we can check the design of your property against existing planning permissions relating to the property or the Exempted Development Regulations. If the works are found to be planning compliant we can provide you with an Opinion of Compliance with Planning Permission confirming same or prepare a retention planning application.