Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

MOL Engineers Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Report consists of three separate parts, a Property Inspection Report, Planning Compliance Report and a Boundary Inspection Report. Generally speaking a client will choose to have the structure, planning compliance and the accuracy of the boundaries checked prior to purchasing a property. We can also offer these reports on their own.

Property Inspection Report

MOL Engineers have been carrying out property inspections reports for over 10 years. Property Inspections Reports are sometimes referred to as; structural surveys, structural reports, surveyors reports, condition reports, property condition reports, condition surveys or house surveys, all of which refer to a visual inspection and follow up written report that provides a picture of the health of a property. Click here for further information on our Property Inspection Reports.

Planning Compliance Report

Planning compliance relating to a property is generally referring to whether or not the conditions (including the approved design drawings listed in the conditions) attached to the planning permission or permissions have been complied with. These conditions are attached to permissions to ensure that the development is constructed and completed in line with the permitted development. If the conditions attached to a planning permission are not complied with the development itself is considered unauthorised and the owner of the development is susceptible to enforcement actions on behalf of the Council. Click here for further information on our Planning Compliance Reports

Boundary Inspection Report

When purchasing a property it is important to know what you are buying and what you see on the ground are the same as described on the sale map. MOL Engineers provide a detailed report on the boundary accuracy of any type of property. We will check for you that the sale map which forms part of the contract corresponds with the boundaries of the property on the ground. We will prepare for you a report and drawing(s) which will show the boundaries on the ground superimposed onto the sale map and we will identify an variations and their implications for you as the purchaser. Click here for further information on our Boundary Inspection Reports.