Health and Safety

MOL Engineers provides Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) services to all our clients. The “Project Supervisor for the Design Process” is the Client’s appointed safety representative in coordinating the Design Process. The PSDP fulfills a safety role under the legislation and is responsible for ensuring that safety is coordinated from the beginning of the design of a project. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Construction) Regulations, 2006, state that the Client is responsible for ensuring that anyone he appoints as PSDP, has the required competency and the necessary resources to perform the role.

A PSDP is required if the project lasts for longer than 30 working days, if the project lasts for more than 500 person days, if the project is more than routine maintenance, cleaning decoration or repair, if the project involves a ‘particular risk’ and if there is more than 1 contractor. The appointment lasts from the commencement of the Design Process right through construction, until the Safety File is handed over.

The PSDP must:

Advise the Client of the requirements of the Construction Regulations and the roles of PSDP & PSCS.Identify hazards arising from the design or from the technical, organisational, planning or time related aspects of the project;Where possible, eliminate the hazards or reduce the risks;Communicate necessary control measures, design assumptions or remaining risks to the PSCS so they can be dealt with in the safety and health plan;Ensure that the work of designers is coordinated to ensure safety;Organise co-operation between designers;Prepare a written Preliminary Safety and Health Plan for any project where construction will take more than 500 person days or 30 working days or there is a particular risk and deliver it to the client prior to tender;Corodinate the preparation of Temporary Work Certification:Prepare a Safety file for the completed structure and give it to the client;Notify the Health & Safety Authority and the client of non-compliance with any written directions issued.The PSDP may issue directions to designers or contractors or others.The Project Supervisor Design Process must be appointed before design work commences. This is to ensure effectiveness in addressing and co-ordinating safety and health matters from the very early stages of a project.