Schedules of Outstanding Works (Snag List)

While pre-purchase surveys are carried out on second hand properties, a snag list is carried out on newly built properties. A snag list is a fully comprehensive list of items that a builder has not completed correctly and defective work that need to be repaired, to complete a property to Building Regulations and contract standards.

The property is inspected in detail, both internally and externally and a snag list which should be carried out prior to completion of the purchase is produced. A copy of this report will be sent to the purchaser, we can also forward copies to your solicitor or to the developer.

If requested we can carry out a further inspection prior to completion to confirm that all works have been carried out satisfactorily. In most cases our easy to follow report format will allow most purchasers to check that the snag items have been attended to. We are always on hand to answer any of your queries and to provide any relevant technical advice.