Property Inspection Report

MOL Engineers have been carrying out property inspections reports for over 10 years. Property Inspections Reports are sometimes referred to as; structural surveys, structural reports, surveyors reports, condition reports, property condition reports, condition surveys or house surveys, all of which refer to a visual inspection and follow up written report that provides a picture of the health of a property.

A Property Inspection Report is a thorough visual inspection of the inside and outside of a building to determine its condition. We also visually inspect site services such as wastewater treatment systems, wells, drains etc. as well as a visual inspecting the grounds of the property. A property inspection is normally conducted prior to a property being purchased and offers the potential purchaser peace of mind by identifying any defects or compliance issues which could incur substantial expense to remedy.

When purchasing a property it is also important to ensure that what has been constructed is in accordance with Planning Permission and that the site boundaries correspond with the legal site boundaries. MOL Engineers provide a separate Planning Compliance Report and Boundary Inspection Report in relation to these matters as part of our Pre-Purchase Survey Report.